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Greetings, Fellow sisters

Thank goodness! A place for us girls who are sci-fanatics and fantasy fanatics. Well, allow me to introduce myself. I go by the name Nala Stormhunter, a reluctant twi'lek jedi. My older brother loved Star Wars, and I was raised with it. Literally. My first teething ring was a Luke Skywalker action figure my brother so carelessly left on the ground. I love Star Trek, DS9 and TNG. I have watched the Star Wars movies to the point where I pit my knowledge against anyone's. I've only been humbled twice thus far, and once was a technicality. I love Buffy and Lord of the Rings. I love Stargate and Babalyon Five and Earth 2. I can tell you the day that Earth 2 aired was Sunday in 94-95 at six o'clock, leading into the second season of my first and greatest obession....seaQuest DSV.

When it comes to seaQuest DSV, I'm about a big a fan as they come. Yes, I got hooked by the teen idol, but I stayed for the stories. I could tell you the history of O'Neill, Wolenczak, Kreig and Ortiz. I can tell you the birthdate of Captain Nathan Hale Bridger, when he married his wife, and when his son died, and how his son died. I point out the fact that Seth Green and Jonathan Brandis did a TV mini-series years before Seth Green guest starred on the Episode Photon Bullet in the first season, and the fact that werewolves seem to follow Seth Green around. I can tell you how Lucas knows Biff Pickering.

Yeah, I'm obsessed, and I'm proud of it. And it just got worse now that they released seaQuest DSV first season on DVD. And Earth 2. I can't wait to get that as well.

"For beneath the surface, Lies the Future"
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