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I'm trying to figure out the name of a tv show I saw once back when I was in high school. The show took place in a future where half the population has de-evolved into these raging cro-magno-like beasts, as a result of an unexpected side affect to a youthening drug. The rest of the population had to live in bubbled cities. Each person was genetic typed and had to wear a jewel to show that genetic type, and they were only allowed to date within their color group. The main character was a female authority figure whose husband didn't take the youthening drug, so she looks to be in her thirties, and her husband was ancient and bitter about it. I thought the show came on during Sam Raimi's Action Pack, but I googled and googled and couldn't find reference to it. I think the title had "city" in it.

It's driving me crazy.

If you remember the show, or know where I can find reference to it,
Please Help,



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