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Multi-Fandom Stuff 
11:01am 07/08/2009
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Contents: icons, banners/desktop wallpapers
1.) Feel free to take what you want. 
2.) Credit my work
3.) Do not claim as your own.
4.) If you take anything, please comment.
5.) Enjoy!

ICONS (52)
-9 Battlestar Galactica
-10 Stargate: Atlantis
-4 Firefly
-1 Sanctuary
-17 Actors; Richard Hatch, Aaron Douglas, David Nykl, Nathan Fillion, David Hewlett, Hugh Jackman, Paul McGillion, Edward James Olmos, Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, Zach Quinto, Mark Sheppard, Callum Keith Rennie, Antonio Banderas, Tom McBeath, and Bruce Davison
-12 Actresses; Kate Hewlett, Zooey Deschanel, Mary McDonnell, Amanda Tapping, Jewel Staite, Laura Harris, Ellen Muth, Emma Thompson, Katee Sackhoff, Summer Glau, Morena Baccarin, and Rekha Sharma.

-2 Sam Carter & Jack O'Neill
-1 Tom Zarek,

I'm not crazy!  I just have another consciousness in my brain!
I need help 
10:07am 08/02/2007
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So, in trying to write some second season fanfics, I came across a problem. I wanted to refresh my memory on a specific episode of seaQuest DSV. However, I can't seem to find the scripts for the episode "The Siamese Dream". If anyone happens to have the script of the episode, or know where I can download it, I would be in so much debt to you, you wouldn't believe! Thanks so much.
11:16am 30/05/2006
  CHILDREN OF DUNE miniseries caps SET 01.
Title: Chapter 25, part III .. "End of Abomination"
#: 107
file formate: *.zip
image format: *.bmp
[spoilers for those who haven't seen the film.. obviously]

---> lemme know if you d/l the file.. just 'cause. If you'd like to post a set of icons of or with this cap set, lemme know in a comment & I'll promote your icon post by adding it to this one. :)
+CREDIT chapstick_creo
---> You are not required to credit, but PLEASE do. That way other people may find & use the caps too! also it is nice. ;)
---> View the link above & lemme know if you have any requests for future caps. :)


¤ Download Page
05:56pm 26/05/2006
  DUNE the miniseries (2000) screencaps SET 01.
Title: Chapter 14, disc 1 : "Worm Attack"
#: 99
file formate: *.zip
image format: *.bmp

---> lemme know if you d/l the file.. just 'cause. If you'd like to post a set of icons of or with this cap set, lemme know in a comment & I'll promote your icon post by adding it to this one. :)
+CREDIT chapstick_creo
---> You are not required to credit, but PLEASE do. That way other people may find & use the caps too! also it is nice. ;)
---> View the link above & lemme know if you have any requests for future caps. :)


Click here to go to the download page. ;)
06:03pm 25/05/2006
  26 Dune /&/ Children of Dune (still)
5 Dune /&/ Children of Dune (animated)

+CREDIT chapstick_creo


04:03pm 26/04/2006
  I just decided to sell my entire library, some of which is science fiction. HEre is the eBay storefront:


If you want a specific title or author, comment here and I'll let you know if I have it. IF I do, then I'll give you a good deal and we can set something up through paypal or snail mail.
Iain M Banks - sci fi vs non 
09:10pm 11/04/2006
  I've recently been introduced to Iain Banks' novels and also his sci fi books published under Iain M Banks.

I found the non-sci fi (eg Whit, The Crow Road) a lot easier to get into than the sci fi (specifically Excession, but I had the same problem with Feersum Endjinn several years ago).

Anyone else have any thoughts on Banks?

If the same experience as mine, any ideas on why this would be? It's the same author, after all - is he just not as good at the sci fi genre or do we have to work harder at inhabiting a different world compared with staying within our own?
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05:37pm 14/03/2006
  Okay, so I finally finished my favorite piece of seaQuest header/desktop background. It has taken me forever. And originally this was going to be a friends only banner. Well, we saw where that went. Anyways, without further adeiu....

the major characters of all three seasons...minus HudsonCollapse )

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PROMO: Crossover RPG 
11:19am 02/03/2006
  mercsailor if this is inappropriate, please delete

Rules . . . Apply . . . Characters . . . Recent Activity

Name & Journal: Crossing Lost/Oceanic 815 Survivors (crossing_lostrp)

Website: Crossing Lost

Format: Livejournal

Genre: Crossover, "Lost"

Contact: crossing.lost@gmail.com

Age limit or Rating: 17+ (Game is PG to R, mostly for language)

Deadline: Open-Ended, game is ongoing

Game Info: This Is Not Your Father's LostCollapse )

Needed characters: Characters AvailableCollapse )

More Information:A few additional notesCollapse )
01:41pm 14/02/2006
  Hi guys,

I'm new to the group I'm a SCI FI Fan girl from Sydney Australia and I have started to do a video cast weekly of SCI FI news. I'ts purely a hobby and I do it for fun! If you want to check it out the link is here.


Also I would love any feedback.

Hope to chat with some of you guys.

11:44am 14/01/2006
  Okay, so I finally did something other than altering the size of one picture and adding text. I actually made these backgrounds, and I'm very proud of both. Sure, one of them was just combining to pictures and lowering the Opacity of the the top layer so you could see the bottom layer through it, but still. The other took me over two hours and half a pack of cigarrettes. It was not easy, trust me.

So, without further adieu

We solemnly swear we are up to no goodCollapse )

A return to the pastCollapse )

PLEASE, tell me what you think, please.

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12:23pm 12/01/2006
  So, here are some Lucas Icons that I made. See, I'm playing him in this multi-fandom game over at greatest journal called interdimenion. the basic premise is....well, here, I put up the link here, and you guys can check it out... http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/dimension_mod/

I'm sure I'm not the only rper here, right?

Rules for Icons:

1. Please comment that you are taking them. I want to know which ones are going to be in circulation.
2. PLEASE PLEASE Credit me either in keywords or comments when you post them. I worked really hard on these, and I would like credit for them.
3. The blanks are not Bases, but I will customize them if you wish it, just tell me in a comment what you want one of them to say, and I will do my damndest to get it on there.
4. Even if you don't take any, tell me what you think of them. Again, I worked really hard on them, and I love feedback.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Well, thank you for painting that pictureCollapse )

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Greetings, Fellow sisters 
05:02pm 30/12/2005
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Thank goodness! A place for us girls who are sci-fanatics and fantasy fanatics. Well, allow me to introduce myself. I go by the name Nala Stormhunter, a reluctant twi'lek jedi. My older brother loved Star Wars, and I was raised with it. Literally. My first teething ring was a Luke Skywalker action figure my brother so carelessly left on the ground. I love Star Trek, DS9 and TNG. I have watched the Star Wars movies to the point where I pit my knowledge against anyone's. I've only been humbled twice thus far, and once was a technicality. I love Buffy and Lord of the Rings. I love Stargate and Babalyon Five and Earth 2. I can tell you the day that Earth 2 aired was Sunday in 94-95 at six o'clock, leading into the second season of my first and greatest obession....seaQuest DSV.

When it comes to seaQuest DSV, I'm about a big a fan as they come. Yes, I got hooked by the teen idol, but I stayed for the stories. I could tell you the history of O'Neill, Wolenczak, Kreig and Ortiz. I can tell you the birthdate of Captain Nathan Hale Bridger, when he married his wife, and when his son died, and how his son died. I point out the fact that Seth Green and Jonathan Brandis did a TV mini-series years before Seth Green guest starred on the Episode Photon Bullet in the first season, and the fact that werewolves seem to follow Seth Green around. I can tell you how Lucas knows Biff Pickering.

Yeah, I'm obsessed, and I'm proud of it. And it just got worse now that they released seaQuest DSV first season on DVD. And Earth 2. I can't wait to get that as well.

"For beneath the surface, Lies the Future"
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03:10am 04/10/2005
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Hi guys I just joined and wanted to say hello. I love scfi and fanstacy stuff. Firefly is one of my faves among others like Battlestar Galactica. Cant think of anything else to say so im going.*skips away*
Fast poems for your inner nerd. 
10:18pm 03/10/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Join scifhaiku
I met Katee! OMG! 
09:29pm 22/09/2005
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Hey, thought I should post this in this (and many other) communities,
about how I met Katee on a flight back from LA to Portland! 

LOOKIE! Pics too!Collapse )
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11:49pm 27/08/2005
  I'm trying to figure out the name of a tv show I saw once back when I was in high school. The show took place in a future where half the population has de-evolved into these raging cro-magno-like beasts, as a result of an unexpected side affect to a youthening drug. The rest of the population had to live in bubbled cities. Each person was genetic typed and had to wear a jewel to show that genetic type, and they were only allowed to date within their color group. The main character was a female authority figure whose husband didn't take the youthening drug, so she looks to be in her thirties, and her husband was ancient and bitter about it. I thought the show came on during Sam Raimi's Action Pack, but I googled and googled and couldn't find reference to it. I think the title had "city" in it.

It's driving me crazy.

If you remember the show, or know where I can find reference to it,
Please Help,



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Simple promo. 
05:52pm 24/08/2005
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Ok guys. I'm a big fan of farscape and other sci fi shows. I happend upon a community called scifi_heroines. Mostly for girls but I guess if a guy wanted to join it would be ok. The whole community is a stamping community. You fill out a simple survey and other members stamp you as the character/s you seem most like. Its pretty new so we don't have many members. But with a good amount of members and a steady supply of applications it would turn into a fun place. Anybody is welcome to join. Hope to see some of you there.

and was also wondering if this community wouln't mind becomeing affiliates since we are much alike. contact me if you would like to do so
12:25pm 05/08/2005
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My fellow sisters, please take a look at this auction and help send your fellow geeky sister to Otakon.

Even though it pains me to do it... I'm selling one of my more prized possesions to raise money. I hope it finds a good home with a truly devoted fan such as I. Just click the picture and follow the link to the auction for more details.

Questions about the item, I will respond to both comments and emails (chachamaru @ gmail.com)

May the force be with you.